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Some stick to the old maxim that any bike is an adventure bike.  Any bike can take you anywhere.  A recent conversation with Austin Vince found us in complete agreement.  That maxim is bollocks.  That maxim worked in the 1980s and 1990s when Adventure Motorcycling was crossing continents like Africa or South America.  When routes […]

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At long last, we have the trailer clip for the upcoming Sibirsky Extreme Trail DVD.  There are many more months of editing still to go, but I hope to have something ready in the new year.  As always, it will be available exclusively at Mapping an offroad trail from the EU to Magadan, the […]

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Adventure Bike Selection Myths and Old Wives Tales In the previous post on bike selection I looked at weight and how it is the single most critical part of adventure motorcycle selection, and how 90% of riders end up with a bike that’s much too heavy for their first real adventure ride into the likes […]

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When I look at the most common selection of bikes going into the Sibirsky Extreme part of the world, taking on the BAM Road, Old Summer Road etc, usually after blasting through Mongolia, there are three models that stand out as the most commonly used and in my view, they are three of the most […]

Great Winter Reading | Sibirsky Extreme is very much the home of pictorial adventure riding blogs and stories and this winter there has been a plethora of great blogs on ADVrider related to off-the-beaten-track real moto adventuring in Mongolia and Siberia, all from great rides by guys in 2013. For riders thinking of their own trips, don’t just take my word […]

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For general enquiries about specifics of road conditions, availability of fuel, food or accommodation in Siberia be sure to check out this website first as there is a lot of information already provided in great detail. Should this website not provide the required information take a look at the following threads on

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The Tuva Track Kosh Agach, Korkorya, Buguzun Pass, Ak Khol, Khindiktig Khol, Mugur Aksy, Sagli, Solchur Siberia – Tuva to Irkutsk Siberia 1, Tuva, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk Siberia – Irkutsk to Ust-Kut Siberia 2: Irkutsk, Baikal, Olkhon Island, Zhigalovo, BAM, Ust-Kut Siberia – Ust-Kut to Udachny Siberia 3: Ust Lut, Lensk, Mirny, Aikhal, Udachny Siberia – […]

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EQUIPMENT For more detail of the Prep work, see the end of the Navigation link on this page Bikes Bike Modifications Rider Gear Luggage and Outdoor Prep Blogs Bike for 2012 The same X-Challenge, ready to go on the 2012 ride. Bike for 2010 Walter’s 2010 incarnation of his venerable BMW G650 X Challenge. The […]