Adv Bike Selection 1 | Sibirsky Extreme

Some stick to the old maxim that any bike is an adventure bike.  Any bike can take you anywhere.  A recent conversation with Austin Vince found us in complete agreement.  That maxim is bollocks.  That maxim worked in the 1980s and 1990s when Adventure Motorcycling was crossing continents like Africa or South America.  When routes were undocumented, even main “highways” unpaved and uncertain, and mystery was around every corner.  Back in those days, when the term “Adventure Motorcycling” was born, a trans-continental motorcycle journey inherently consisted of both travel to exotic places and the adventure of expedition motorcycling to actually get there.  This is epitomised by the journeys of people like Chris Scott, Grant & Susan Johnson, Helge Pedersen, Eric & Gail Haws, and others.  This complete  intertwining of these two elements that make up “Adventure Motorcycling” of exotic motorcycle travel and expedition riding can be seen in the Austin Vince film, Terra Circa, where the exotic travel goal of riding across Russia to Vladivostok was inextricably linked to the need to ride across what the team christened, the “Zilov Gap” –  several hundred kilometres of swamp – on nothing more than unmaintained railway service tracks.