Data 2010

GPS Tracks: (separated by colours into individual days riding)


In more detail:

Magadan to Yakutsk:

Yakutsk to Lensk

Ust Kut to Irkutsk

Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar:

Ulaanbaatar to Baruuntuurun

Baruunturuun to Kosh Agach

Kosh Agach – Kurgan

Kurgan to Sochi




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Trip Data

Total KM travelled:  22,399

Total Fuel Bought:   1038 litres

Total Fuel Cost: EUR 966

Avge Mileage: 21.4 km/l  (4.67 l/100km)  [60.4 mpg – UK gallons]  {51.2 mpg – US gallons}

Avge distance per riding day: 457 km

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