For general enquiries about specifics of road conditions, availability of fuel, food or accommodation in Siberia be sure to check out this website first as there is a lot of information already provided in great detail. Should this website not provide the required information take a look at the following threads on

2012 – The Sibirsky Extreme Trail

2010 – Siberian Extreme – Back For More

2009 – The BAM Road – Ultimate Test of Man and Machine

2009 – Road of Bones & Kolyma Highway

2009 – Central Asia

2009 – Anabar Road and Vilyuisky Trakt

2009 – Tuva Track

For more information on motorcycle preparation, specifically regarding the Sibirsky Extreme motorcycle, the following thread goes into the modifications and preparation in considerable detail:

Adventure Motorcycle Preparation – The Sibirsky Extreme Bike



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  1. Hi Walter,

    Came across very lovely thread on ADV. It just so happens that I am tired of my F650GS twin as it is too heavy for me to do more offroad than what I have done so far. I am eyeing a XChallenge bike but I am 28″ inseam. Wanted to get your take on lowering a tall bike as XChallenge is.


  2. I would seriously consider an X-Country. Many of my co-riders over the years, including the world famous Terry Brown from Cambridge England, ride X-Countrys. Mechanically the same as an X-Country, it has shorter suspension and smaller wheels, therefore a considerably lower seat height. The lesser suspension travel and smaller wheels make it a bit of a compromise for off road riding, but in terms of getting an X-CHallenge like bike but for shorter riders, its definitely the best bet. See also detailed X-Country preparation threads such as this one: Note also that Mr Chris Scott, the godfather of adventure motorcycling, and the man who invented the term “Adventure Motorcycling” when he first wrote the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook back in the early 1990s, now rides an X-Country. His preparation details are here:

  3. Hi Walter. I’m Thomas from Ljubljana, Slovenia. This spring I will do similar rebuildings on my xChallenge. Not with xTank but with Touratech additional gas tank, Akrapovic exhaust, rest will be more than less similar. Friend of mine, Mike from London, suggested me to put on SM Pro rims & Haan hubs. Because SM Pro does not produce rear 2.50 x 18″, I will do same like you and use more expensive Excel A60. Problem is with Haan hubs. From British Central Wheel Co. I got answer that Haan does not have pair for xChallenge. If you maybe use also Haan, please can you tell me for instance Part Nr. or ???, otherwise which hubs & type do you use?

    Btw, we had short chat on ADV after you travel through Morocco with Grom and another Russian guy. I was that year with bike in Mauritania: Atar – Chinguetti – Tanuchert oasis – Ouadane – Guelb er Richat … I’m planing in 2016 to do west BAM & old summer ROB like you did several times. Before that part starting from Dushanbe plan is Bartang valley and than China. First heading south on Karakorum hwy to Pakistan just some 160 km to road block at lake, than back. Entering in Pakistan without bike leaving it somewhere close to border post. Than through Xinjiang and Tjanshan mountains area all the way to south from Ulan Bataar line entering into Mongolia from China. After that Irkutsk …

    From sunny side of the Alps, I’m wishing you all the best and many safe killometers in 2015.


  4. Hi Walter,
    I’ve been watching Lyndon’s Races-to-Places and have also been chatting with him a little bit. He has mentioned that he followed your GPS tracks while in south-east Asia, and Russia. Do oy, can your provide your GPS files to fellow adventurers? I am planning a 8-10 month adventure and would love to follwo some of your tracks!
    Thanks you,
    Rob Barnett

  5. Hi,

    Just wanted to say congrats on one of the best motorcycling articles I have ever read, “Adv Bike Selection”. Your words help guide aspiring adventure riders on the right paths. Moreover, your “Winter Reading” list gives us inspiration.

    For all of the above, I am sending a big THANK YOU from Romania.

    Stay safe and enjoy your rides!

    Daniel Mirastian

  6. Hi,

    Hope your well.

    I enjoyed reading your website on khwarezm and the various other places near khwarezm. I am researching about my family lineage since my forefathers resided in khwarezm around 1050 AD. I was wondering if there would be anyone in Khwarezm that would have any info about them or where they might be buried? I have their names if that would help. Your assistance would be much appreciated, many thanks.

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