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New DVD Trailer

At long last, we have the trailer clip for the upcoming Sibirsky Extreme Trail DVD.  There are many more months of editing still to go, but I hope to have something ready in the new year.  As always, it will be available exclusively at

Mapping an offroad trail from the EU to Magadan, the Sibirsky Extreme crew set out on adventure motorcycles, from the Poland-Ukraine border, in May 2012, with a plan to spend over 3 months on the road.

The goal: To map an offroad trail route all the way from the edge of the European Union, across Eurasia to the Pacific Ocean at Magadan. The planned route took in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Siberia and involved riders from the UK, Holland, US and Norway as they took on challenges as diverse as the steppes of Russia, the mountains of the Altai, the grasslands of Mongolia and the pinnacles of Siberian adventure challenges, the BAM Road and the Road of Bones – Old Summer Road.

This video is a trailer for the DVD that resulted from the trip, currently being put together, with an anticipated release of early 2014. The DVD will be available exclusively at



Moroccan Extreme DVD

More recent news:  The Moroccan Extreme trip in late 2011 was a bike test for the Sibirsky Extreme Trail in 2012.  The bike had been rebuilt after being stolen at the end of 2010, faster, stronger and funkier than ever before.  The DVD features footage from the Dakar pistes we rode in Morocco as well as a bonus free data disc featuring full 2 week tour schedule for Morocco, including tracks, waypoints, hotels, fuel  and Garmin compatible OSM maps of Morocco.  Available on in PAL at present, tho US buyers can watch PAL DVDs via their computers.

Click on the DVD to go to the shop and see the preview