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Ultimate Luggage

The Ultimate Adventure Luggage: As many of you know, I have basically been changing soft bags every trip I have made over the last 20 years. That’s because I could never find the right features in the bags. Some sat too high, most were not waterproof, many weren’t truly abrasion resistant and absolutely none had any security. So I decided to make my own.

The Magadan bags I designed and commissioned last year to meet my own needs, have recently received a couple of great endorsements. Firstly, Adventure Bike Rider Magazine (issue 16) recently did a comparative test of almost a dozen of all the big names in soft luggage … And their analysis came to the wise conclusion that the Magadan bags are indeed, the finest Adventure motorcycling soft luggage in the world.














In my view, an even greater endorsement has recently come from the godfather of Adventure Motorcycling … the man who invented the term “Adventure Motorcycling”, Chris Scott.  Having used and tested almost all brands and types over the years, Chris too has come to the conclusion that the Magadan bags are the real deal, and the best adventure luggage, hard of soft, on the planet. … And you know what?  With my experience, and having used about 10 different types of soft luggage over my 20 years of Adventure riding, I agree !

My good friends at Adventure-Spec manage the production and distribution of the bags worldwide.