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Goodbye Vladivostok

We had one final day in Vladivostok before flying North to Magadan to rendezvous with our bikes.  It was a last chance to capture some images of this once closed port city.  The weather was humid and fog filled the city, as usual, so I decided to shoot people rather than scenery:

Sailors down near the Naval port:

A couple in the central square:

Visiting US and Japanese sailors got into a bidding war for this old Russian Naval uniform.

And down by the Submarine war memorial, another typical local couple.

My final act in Vladivostok – I popped into a badge shop I had found late last week.  Lucy, the badgemaker there had whipped for me a new supply of Sibirsky Extreme badges … and had put together for me an all new badge … the Road of Bones badge – for people who have ridden, cycled or driven between Yakutsk and Magadan.

That was enough for Vladivostok.  We had been there a long time … and we had seen a lot.  But we were long overdue to move on.

Next stop – Magadan.

Sights of Vladivostok

Vladivostok is near one of the largest tiger regions in the world, and tigers are the emblem for much that comes from the region:

Posters celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory against the Nazi’s:

The Embankment … in downtown Vladivostok:

I bumped into some legs:

Sherri Jo bumped into some US Naval Officers:

And then we all bumped into an endless stream of wedding parties: