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The Sibirsky Extreme website covers a series of exploratory motorcycle journeys into the northern extremes of Russia and Siberia in 2009, 2010 and 2012 by Walter Colebatch and his occasional riding companions, Jonathan Fox, Tony Pettie, Terry Brown, Sherri-Jo Wilkins, Rod Currie, Linda Griffioen, Bas van Wijk, Erik Gran Kvaase, Geir Stormoen and Steve Røyset.  The 2009 journey, The Sibirsky Extreme Project, included a ride further north into Asia than anyone had ridden before, and an historic first ride of the now legendary BAM Road.  The Siberian Extreme 2010  ride included the first tour of the Road of Bones, in which Sherri-Jo Wilkins became the first foreign woman to ride the Road of Bones, and a unique motorcycle crossing of Mongolia from East to West.  The Sibirsky Extreme Trail ride in 2012 pioneered a first ever dirt road trail across Eurasia, from Europe to Magadan and the Pacific.




The Sibirsky Extreme Project (2009)

The Sibirsky (Siberian) Extreme Project was a 2009 motorcycle adventure project to attempt to go into the ultimate depths of Siberia. The idea was to push the boundaries of what is known and what is possible in terms of motorcycling in Siberia and ride new roads and tracks that had yet to be explored by adventure motorcyclists.

– the first ride of the Tuva Track, a vague boggy route linking the Altai and Tuvan Republics, near the Mongolian border, between the towns of Kosh Agach and Mugur Aksy

– the first ride of the Anabar Road from Lensk to Udachny, further North in Asia than anyone had ridden before (over 66 degrees North).

 the first ride of the Vilyuisky Trakt, a dirt track that runs 1500 kms East (950 miles) between Lensk, Mirny and Yakutsk.

– the first attempt to ride both halves of the 4300 km (2700 mile) long legendary BAM Road, from Vanino on the Pacific Ocean to Taishet in central Siberia, and rode more of it (about 80%) than anyone had achieved before.

Below, the 2009 tracks

Sibirsky Extreme Tracks

The Sibirsky Extreme Project resulted in a book and a DVD.   Both are available at Adventure-Spec.

Sibirsky Extreme Book


Sibirsky Extreme DVD

Here is a preview of the DVD:

Sibirsky Extreme Project Intro Preview from Rhys Thwaites-Jones


Siberian Extreme 2010

In 2010 a second journey, Siberian Extreme 2010, began with the first motorcycle tour on the legendary Road of Bones, and led to Sherri-Jo Wilkins becoming the first foreign woman to ride the Road of Bones.  Sibirsky Extreme 2010 continued into Mongolia and achieved a first East-West crossing of Mongolia by motorcycle, and Walter Colebatch became the first rider to cross all 5 of Mongolia’s international land borders (Dzaamin Uud, Ereentsav, Altanbulag, Sukhbaatar and Tsagaannuur.) [a sixth has since been added in 2012]


The 2010 track:


And the 2009 and 2010 Rides combined (click on the pic for enlargement):


2012 – The Sibirsky Extreme Trail

In May 2012, the Sibirsky Extreme Project began its most challenging ride ever.  The goal: to pioneer an off road route between Europe and the Pacific.

See blog page for more info

2012 Sibirsky Extreme Trail DVD Trailer:

The 2012 track :


The full 2009 +2010 + 2012 + Tokyo to London Project tracks:



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