Great Winter Reading | Sibirsky Extreme is very much the home of pictorial adventure riding blogs and stories and this winter there has been a plethora of great blogs on ADVrider related to off-the-beaten-track real moto adventuring in Mongolia and Siberia, all from great rides by guys in 2013.

For riders thinking of their own trips, don’t just take my word on how to pack, what to ride, and what kind of real world adventures you can have out there, see what other people are doing too.

And for riders who just love seeing stories and pictures from riding adventures in Siberia and Mongolia (I am absolutely one of those myself) ….

The Sibirsky Extreme officially endorsed winter 2013-2014 approved Adventure Motorcycling reading list (not comprehensive and in no order of awesomeness):

1) American Noah Horak on a KTM 690.  This link joins his RTW ride at the Caspian Sea ferry and goes on to cover his adventures in Central Asia, Altai, Mongolia and Siberia, including the Western BAM:

2) Bob and his bunch of crazy Romanians on KTM 990s doing Mongolia and Tuva:

3) British rider Wesley on his first ever adventure on a DRZ 400.  Wesley learned to ride just before he set off, so for novice riders his experiences will be particularly valuable.  Seeking adventure he went through Chechnya and Dagestan on his way to Central Asia.

4) Belgian couple Seb and Kim on a pair of DRZ 400s, go thru Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Altai, Mongolia, and back to the Stans, and do a great job of picking great, remote, out of the way tracks along the way.

5) German Steffen on a BMW G650 X-Challenge (who is currently way behind in his blogging) rode through Kazakhstan, the Altai, Mongolia and Tajikistan.  While he hasn’t got there with his blogs yet, I have seen the pics from Mongolia and Tajikistan and they are excellent.

6) Speaking of excellent pics, Romanian couple John and Ana on a KTM 690 and a DRZ 400 having been riding around the world for some years now.  Picking up there story at this point covers the Altai, Mongolia and the Western BAM.

7) The write up of the annual Russian “off-road people” ride to Mongolia and Siberia including a first ever ride of the “110”.

There are plenty more private blogs out there that make great reading from 2013 adventures as well if you search for them … Chris, Kurt, Adam et al.  Great stuff.